GSA Schedule Audit Compliance


It is imperative for any organization that is serious about maintaining the integrity of its GSA contract to implement a compliance regimen that assures its continued adherence to the terms and conditions of its GSA contract. Along with the GSA contract award, comes the potential for an audit to verify the organization's ability to meet the terms and conditions of its GSA contract.

Objectives of GSA Schedule Compliance

 Designate clear lines of authority and accountability

 Disclose discounting practices completely and accurately in the initial GSA schedule proposal

 Correct any discounting inaccuracies immediately and inform GSA of the inaccuracies

 Appoint a senior person as the GSA Compliance Officer

 Communicate any possible compliance violation issues in writing to the GSA contracting officer immediately upon detection

 Propose swift and practical corrective actions and requests guidance and approval of your actions from the contracting officer

 Establish proper data handling for reporting purposes

 Structure accounting procedures for GSA Schedule sales recording

 Establish a calendar of compliance activities

Our specialists assist your organization in implementing specific policies, procedures, and systems for the following compliance functions.

 GSA Order Segregation

 Price Reduction Clause Compliance

 Sales Staff Directives and Training

 Tracking and Reporting GSA Sales

 Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Compliance

 Compliance with Federal Wage and Benefit Laws

 Compliance with Time and Material Task Orders

 Business Size Standard Compliance

 Compliance with Reporting Requirements

 Contract Administration

 Uploading Price Files to GSA Advantage

 Price Adjustments


 Meeting Minimum Sales Requirements

 Reporting Requirements

Vets 100


Subcontracting Plan Reporting

Administrative Reporting


 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA aka Stimulus) Reporting

 Keeping Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Current

 Keeping Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) Current

 Small Business Subcontracting Plan Administration

 Miscellaneous Compliance Requirements

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