About Us

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We are trusted professionals here to listen, not talk about us. We want to be business partners because your success equals our success.  Our consortium of consultants have a depth of industry experience with all the right credentials, but it’s really all about your concerns, your performance, your solutions and your success.

We are efficiency agents fully prepared to streamline your business by identifying best practices and implementing the adjustments your company needs to achieve operational excellence to compete in any economy.

What We Do


USG delivers strategic business infrastructure services for government, non profit and commercial entities. USG operates differently than other firms, in that we contribute the execution of business tasks, vital to the growth of a firm, without the taxing capital assets to the extent of the employee. Our professional services concept  assist our clients by distributing common costs of human capital and specialized applications over our many customers while improving productivity and performance on an as needed project basis.  Each client receives a tailored, scalable solution that combines expert personnel, best-in-class tool sets, and an advanced technical infrastructure.

Our unique approach to identify, strategize, implement, train and maintain business goals creates a scalable solution from one perspective: YOURS

Our initial meeting begins by LISTENING—making sure we understand your infrastructure (Back Office) concerns and your goals.  Whether you need assistance with your largest back office weakness, or a multitude of small ones, we customize solutions to lower your stress level and increase your confidence with the staff in place giving you a sense of pride while producing new efficiencies and profits.

All of a sudden, you will be free to focus on what you do best: growing your business—confident in your company’s ability to handle all the new business you can uncover.

Providing an executive-level solution, USG will turn your back office infrastructure expenses into profits you can see on the bottom line. Because it’s the ‘back’ end of the business that gets you every time!

We’ve done it for other companies and we can do it for yours.

Your Business Infrastructure Manager!