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Capture Management

A successful strategy requires buy-in from corporate leaders and a documented process!

Defining your process is the first step toward implementing capture management. This requires developing detailed procedures that mesh with your companyís corporate culture, along with supporting templates to make the process efficient. It takes several iterations to ensure that you establish a defined, repeatable process that works.†


Below are 10 fundamental activities of a capture management plan.


 Qualify the opportunity. Assess the new business opportunity and make an appropriate decision to invest in the pursuit.

 Build the capture plan and resource the capture team. Develop a realistic, achievable plan that can be accomplished within the time available and against which capture progress can be measured.

 Understand the customerís objectives and requirements. Take the time to fully understand the customerís scope of work and the objectives to be achieved.

 Develop a preliminary solution linked to objectives. Create a solution to perform the work that achieves the customerís objectives.

 Position with the customer. Preview your solution with the client to shape the procurement strategy and the clientís thinking.

 Assess the competition. Build a thorough, competitive assessment on which to base your win strategy and price to win.

 Develop a win strategy. Identify your companyís strengths and competitorsí weaknesses so you can mitigate your weaknesses, neutralize their strengths and accentuate your positive discriminators.

 Establish a price to win. Establish a target price based on your competitive strategy and expected competitor pricing.

 Plan and execute a teaming strategy. Identify where teammates can bolster your position and select the best teaming partners and negotiate teaming agreements.

 Assess risk. Identify, analyze and mitigate contract performance risk as perceived by the customer.


So why capture management? A defined, repeatable,

managed, measured and optimized approach will:

 Result in winning more business from fewer, better-qualified opportunities.

 Raise overall win probability.

 Decrease costs.

 Improve the quality of life for everyone involved.


Additionally, the process is scalable as your business grows.

Unified Systems Group will design a capture management plan specific to your business objectives.

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Implementing a Capture Management Plan

Capture Management is the key to increasing win probability during the critical time between deciding to pursue a government procurement and proposal submission. USG helps develop your capture plan, coach your team in executing capture initiatives, and raise your competitiveness through a well-defined process.